Stress-Free Travel: When Things Don’t Go Your Way


Don’t cry over spilled wine After a wonderful weekend in Colorado Springs we had to switch hotels that last night. After quickly packing our car up and arriving at the new hotel around 10 PM we grabbed Josh’s bag out of the trunk without realizing it wasn’t fully zipped. All of his clothes along with […]

Planning for an Unknown RTW trip

How do you plan for an event where you have no idea what to expect? I have lists upon lists on my computer for each country… need to buy lists… destination lists… vaccinations… budget planners… need I say more? The logical part of me is glad I am embracing these new adventures with preparation and a plan, […]

Why Does My Backpack Look So Small?

packing josh

Every day closer to our departure date my backpack begins to look smaller and smaller. I realize we have committed to our year adventure in a carry on and I don’t plan to change that, but while we are still at home surrounded by our stuff it seems near impossible to believe everything I need will fit in a […]

Meet Plan Go: Validating My Crazy


This past week, we attended the Meet, Plan, Go Chicago event. My upcoming RTW trip and crazy idea of leaving my Midwest bubble has been validated. I sat in a room of 100 people, all with a passion for traveling and a few who had been through an extended trek around the world. We listened […]

What is Traveling 9 to 5?


Traveling 9 to 5 is a movement built from a hard-working couple, living in a corporate world, who decided to take a step out of the 9 to 5 for one year and take a chance on the unknown. The more planning that we did, the more we realized you can’t plan for this type of […]

Dear Josh…

josh Breck

Dear Josh, Thank You. Not only for supporting me through all of my crazy ideas (such as traveling the world) But actively pursuing and living them out alongside me. Thank you for being one of my main reasons for loving life and wanting to live out every moment together. Without you my travel would have […]

Kayaking Lake Arenal

Costa Rica - Monteverde 232

One of my favorite outdoor activities is kayaking, so when we had the opportunity to kayak in Lake Arenal we were excited to go despite the looming clouds and foreboding weather. There is something so peaceful about being close to the water and feeling so small next to a huge volcano. Don’t let the weather completely dictate your plans […]

The Broadmoor [Hotel Review]

The Broadmoor Hotel

Name: The Broadmoor Resort Where: Colorado Springs, CO When: October 2011 Price: $240 / night Who helped us? [Service] From the time we arrived until checkout, everyone at the hotel went out of their way to accommodate us. We were very impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the attentiveness to detail. A great example was when […]